د ټـول افـغـا نـستـان ولـسي تـړون  

Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Doud Miraki

The sociopolitical experimentation in Afghanistan that has begun on October 7, 2001under the guise of democracy has deprived Afghans of their basic human rights and slaughtered countless. This catastrophe was facilitated and continues through a symbiotic relationship between US-NATO and criminal elements within Afghanistan with pseudo-political organizations. These criminal elements used to preach puritanical existence to control the masses but in reality they replaced spiritual hunger for material greed represented by the US Dollar.

The time has come to redefine the sociopolitical landscape of All Afghanistan situated between the Oxus and Indus Rivers and save this nation from these barbaric experimentations that lasted for over 10 years. This could only happen through a larger sociopolitical accord. This contract defines the relationship between the sovereign and the governed and among the governed themselves. This new sociopolitical approach is critical for the national survival of All Afghanistan. We at All Afghanistan National Accord (AANA) propose the followings:

1. The US-NATO must realize that this is the new sociopolitical movement that would define the future of Afghanistan and its sociopolitical landscape

2. We stand firm that Afghanistan is no longer for sale irrespective of the fact that it is geographically located whereupon the interests of big powers intersect.

3. All Afghanistan needs no outside ideology, which camouflages aggression and destruction. Afghans have a rich sociopolitical culture of structural democracy based on egalitarian consciousness, practical solidarity, individual dignity and transparent conflict resolution through Jirga (consultative assembly).

4. We want national unity through constructive patriotism, and reject other outside ideologies and futile idealism bordering on radicalism that creates chaos, hate and destruction.

5. Afghanistan requires a well-defined strategy toward a unified nation-state, wherein the majority would be defined and the minorities protected. National civility must be given priority so that the masses learn to live in peace and tolerate diverse ideas.

6. Afghan identity needs to be secured from the current injustice and protected for national stability. We want the primacy of Pashto. This language needs to be institutionalized in all spheres of the Afghan society and state. It would serve as an instrument of national identity, which would promote nation building and enhance national cohesion. Other languages shall be supported within their local environment.

7. We demand the exit of all foreign forces from Afghanistan in a well-managed manner and refuse the establishment of any foreign bases in All Afghanistan.

8. Social justice needs to prevail and the monopoly of a handful of criminal elements that belongs to various pseudo-political groups must be eleminated.

9. A five-year interim government is essential and must be effective enough to facilitate the onset of a subsequent representative government. It must be composed of those people who could contribute effectively to the social, political and physical reconstruction of Afghanistan including intellectuals, technocrats and major segments of current resistance movement. There shall be no room for national traitors and elements of the current government infested in corruption.

10. The constitution must be totally amended reflecting the current reality of Afghan society.

11. The people who are fighting for the independence of All Afghanistan are its sons. The war was imposed on All Afghanistan. This war is illegal, immoral and criminal; hence, according to all known international and human norms, the Afghan people have the right to wage armed resistance. The invading forces and the atrocities they have committed left no room for any civil discourse; hence, armed resistance was the only course of action.

12. We advocate a balanced economic system wherein (a) the partnership between private and public thrives, and (b) the extreme economic and political greed is kept in check for the common good.

13. We will eradicate corrupt judicial system and corrupt police force and institute conscription as one of the national institutions of nation building.

14. The Colonial Durand Treaty (1893) along with its imaginary Durand Line is illegal, invalid and immoral. We want to remove the ugly scars of colonialism. We want Pakistan to return our territories-Pashtunkhwa and Balochistan, and in return, we would sign a friendship and a joint defense treaty with Pakistan.

15. British are the architects of war against the Pashtun People, the absolute majority of Afghanistan; however, the Americans due to their naïveté are used by the British to implement this anti-Pashtun policy.

16. We want Iran to stop their cultural invasion of Afghanistan and wish to assert that Afghanistan is not and will never be an extension of Iranian cultural ambitions. We consider the Iranian cultural invasion of Afghanistan to be more detrimental to its future national unity than the physical invasion by US-NATO.

17. Afghanistan is ready to be part of the vision of a fair and rule-based world order wherein the rights of weak would not be violated.

18. We advocate the formation of an independent war crime tribunal. This tribunal would investigate all those accused of war crimes. Furthermore, this tribunal would also investigate the accused  along with others who might have unjustly secured wealth.

19. All Afghanistan National Accord is a nonviolent resistance movement and advocates this form of resistance for All Afghanistan.

The above-mentioned accord is formed based on my, Dr Mohammed Daud Miraki, meetings, contacts and discussions with Afghan intellectuals, tribal and religious leaders as well as common Afghans on both sides of the imaginary and colonial Durand Line, in the US, Europe and Canada. It is based on my observation resulting from multiple trips to Afghanistan. Thereafter, I arrived at the conclusion that the Afghan nation needs a new awakening and renaissance addressing their sufferings, hopes and survival, and national revival. This accord stems from the fact that Afghans reject any imposed political system, artificial arrangement, colonial schemes, and prescribed remedy with the supposed intention of curing their ills. We, Afghan intellectuals, are not oblivious of the global scheme targeting the whole Afghan nation in order to facilitate their long-term agenda.

Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD


Dr Rahmat Rabi Zirakyar, MA, PhD

I thank Dr Rahmat Rabi Zirakyar for his constructive critique and research advice. Dr Zirakyar has earned his MA and PhD in political science from the Free University of Berlin, Germany and is currently residing in the USA.

Other Afghans

I like to thank other Afghan intellectuals and young activists from the Oxus to the Indus Rivers. I am grateful to the current Afghan resistance groups involved in armed resistance for their feedback.

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